Guilty Pleasure

“A” turned 20 yesterday…unbelievable. I still remember her as the baby sister who came back from the hospital. For her, this wasnt a very happy birthday. She wanted to celebrate her 20th the wild way with friends from her universty abroad where she would be studying. All would have been granted had her visa not been rejected. God must have had different plans. So on this not a very happy birthday, these cupcakes made her day and helped her understand that life can be yummy even being back at home!

Ps: Obviously at 20, life only seems to be good if you are away from home!

pps: I love you and wish you loads of colourful birthdays!


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. those are brilliant cupcakes?
    where from?

    and i feel your sister. i had a college acceptance too, but 9/11 held me back.
    on the rebound i landed at Indus and i realize it was one of the best things that could happen to me.
    Maslihat is the word!
    although it’ll take some time to realize it.

  2. awww.. how nice..
    Lucky she has a sister like you who’s helping her understand ow beautiful this life is.

    Ps: where are these cuppy cakes from?

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