A birthday gift to self

I am a big advocate of giving presents to myself on important celebrations of life. And in 10 days inshallah there is going to be another reason to get myself a gift…..Its my first birthday after stepping into mommyhood…..and I happily turn 31 inshallah. Now, obviously a lady stepping into 31 will have a lot of material wants, but I tried to shortlist the wants and see what I need. Needless to say, the needs are neverending too. But after a lot of thinking and shortlisting I now need to descide what I want to get for myself out of these two things:


The phone I have been eyeing for quite a while now, but no ones given me like a totally satisfactory feedback about it.

The portable photo printer I saw today at the Sony store and fell in love with it…So, in the next 9 days I need to descide what I want out of these two…and go and indulge in some retail therapy! Suggestions are most welcome!


3 thoughts on “A birthday gift to self

  1. hmmm i liked the photo printer too but it didnt have too much of an output when i checked it out. but that was about 2 years ago 🙂

    its just fun to have something that will make your digi photos real immediately but i print like LOADS in one go so i dont think it would be feasible for someone like me 😛

  2. the portable printer is so much fun! it would be awesome to take when you are travelling – you could turn your pictures into postcards immediately 🙂
    however, i do heart the phone too. what did you decide on finally?

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