Sans Z days

I really wonder HOW, like how do women manage to get back to work leaving their little kid at home? Zoey was 5 months and 13 days when I got back into my office work routine. My pact with my boss was simple. I get to bring Zoey to work or I do not join.

Working at a small place obviously has its perk. On the turn of celebrating her 6th monthaversary, Zoey became a young office going lady. Obviously, work takes more time for me now, but work has also taken an all new meaning. Every morning (apart from weekends) we have a rush hour and Zoey has also learnt the excitement and urgentness of it. Now that I look back I wonder how did I ever manage to work without a kid in my life.

When family and friends find out about my resuming work, I get raised eyebrow looks. I know everyone wonders how I manage to work, but Allah ka shukar, its done.

There are days when I have to leave Zoey home…and on those days work takes even longer, because my attention is divided between my work and my little monkey whose not hanging off me. ย And these are the days which make me wonder how women I know manage to leave their kid at home and go for work. Hats off to all these women!

7 thoughts on “Sans Z days

  1. I think we adapt to changing needs and allow change to happen. Some women arent as lucky and dont have a choice. To give their child the life they want they have to do it that way ๐Ÿ˜ฆ its scary how much is not in our control but the strength amazes me because we do manage in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am lucky I am a work-from-home Mum, an arrangement my company allowed me to be in which I am so grateful for. But working from home has its ups and downs too. For instance, when I needed the time alone to work on my report, more often, my toddler would just barge in to my ‘work’ room and ask for a cuddle. Sweet, of course, but not when the clock is ticking on my deadline. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Lec of MigrantMums

  3. Wow! So your company lets you bring your kid to work? I do understand what a huge relief that is. I didn’t know any companies in Pakistan actually had daycare centers or facilities of the like.

  4. its awesome that your work allows you to take your baby to work. I wish more and more places allowed that, had nurseries/child care facilities in the premises and also let women work from home and have flexible timings.
    I hope this much needed change continues. I absolutely hate being asked “any plans for babies?” when I give interviews for jobs

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