This girl called “me”

thailand 346Relationships make her who she is, Friends, though very few make her world a better place, endless laughing fits with sisters, loves forgiving but not forgetting, aggressively passionate…hates with a passion too, loves thinking about the future but a part of her always stays in the past, buying books is a high, avid day dreamer, moody to the extent of being a true scorpio.  She is more about sitting and enjoyingg tea alone than going out and having coffee with acquaintances. Analytical but not judgemental. She is conversations in her head, but is more of a sms and email person. Anything adventurous, count her in. Shes outloud and laughs deeply and passionately. Loves her new role of womanhood. Shes all about silver and diamonds. and driving aimlessly around the city. Shes black and white photography, shes the soul who goes out and explores. Shes a total peoples person whos possessive about her space. Exploring and travelling, not shopping and rambling. Bagel and creame cheese….frozen yogurts more than ice creams.

shes all about spoonsful of nutella and thinking and brewing. Believes in the feeling in her stomach, impractical others may call her. Shes about moments and memories, photographs and scribblings. Shes all about snail mails and keepsakes. Shes autumn and not spring. Believes in the power of swimming and yogaing. She is totally books and not movies. Experimental. Loves deeply. Is a trouble when aggrevated. Shes a print person more than a Tvc conceptulizer. Shes subtly wild, and wildly subtle. Her necklaces and rings speak louder than her clothes. Shes all about yummy smells and colouful mugs. Shes about straight hair  and kohl filled eyes. Shes a fierce believer. Shes a big woman with heart smaller thans an ants.

 Shes a soul who still learning, discovering, experimenting and moving. Shes someone I call “me”….and who exactly are you?

4 thoughts on “This girl called “me”

  1. “Believes in the feeling in her stomach, impractical others may call her”
    i really want to do this too…this just seems so liberating..
    jam thanks for starting this;)

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