telephonic conversation

U: Katu, T (this yummilicious model friend of U’s) is going to K2 and is asking if he can take our camera?

K: hmmm, but mein tu khud nathiagali ja rahi houn…..

U: thats why i am asking you baba

K: aisa karo uss ko day do camera, afterall hes a model and who knows he might just introduce zoey into modelling too….uss say bana k rakhna must hai!

U: tu aap kya karo gay?

K: koi masla nahin hai. I can ask meyum if her camera is free…

U: katu, agar for the next aatharan saal tak “T” bachelor raha tu can we get zoey married off to him?


U: (softly and smilingly) par aadmi aur ghoora kabhi budhay nahin hotay!

K murmers yeah right silently under her breathe and says goodbye!


3 thoughts on “telephonic conversation

  1. hmmm dont like the ghoda reference but apparently U has been watching Lamhe in a loop. I blame Dhoop Kinarey too for the May-December fantasies.

  2. T is famous i must say! this sounds like a good deal….except that i know of atleast 3 more women related to me, who might kill me for hooking you up with T!
    🙂 how was doobai?

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