Cynics in my life!

There are certain people in your life, who might be family, friends or acquaintances or no one at all, but will still love to tell you how you should enjoy single life because married life is full of issues….and once you do get married, they will then tell you how blissful it is to be a couple and how not to have kids for as long as possible….then when you do have kids, they tell you how its the best stage when they are infants and havent started crawling…..for me it ends here at the moment….for all those people out there, if you dont have anything positive to say….please dont say anything at all after this! How about I get a chance to figure out what is best and what is not!


4 thoughts on “Cynics in my life!

  1. In my case they say and said it in a different way

    not married: you should so get married. you are past the age of marriage blah blah
    married: when is the kid coming …when. when…next year we want a lil one …when…when…when..

    first kid..done. when is the next one coming…when…when…when…

    kill me

  2. It’s best to keep your distance from such individuals who have nothing better to do but point fingers at others. As long as you’re happy – that’s all that matters.

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