Say that again….?


I usually have to repeat quite a few times that “shes” 3 and a half months old when strangers ask me how old is “he”? I know that shes still petite compared to other kids her age….but then not everyone knows that technically shes only a month and a half old….she was much much much tinier and petiter when she descided to make an entry into this world 2 months earlier than expected!

Everyone who reads this please remember us in duas!


3 thoughts on “Say that again….?

  1. hey sweetie dont stress too much about the ‘catching up’…I was the same in the earlier days counting the bub in chronological months vs actual but they soon get out of it and you forget all about it.

  2. InshAllah all the best of health and happiness to your daughter, she is super cute MA.
    People kept referring to my daughter as “he” too, aargh it was the most annoying thing ever! My solution…I got her ears pierced:) Nobody mistook her for a boy after that:P
    Also, do NOT let ppl’s comments get to your head, I hate it when ppl pass stupid random comments on kids, oh he/she is so short or tall, oh her arms are so skinny, oh she is not talking yet and other such nonsense, I say you ‘suno eik kaan say aur nikaloo doosray kaan say’.

  3. Ughh merey dil se koi poochay! Miss K is almost five mts, ears pierced, wearing a stripey pink outfit and I STILL got asked if she was a boy or girl!!! Granted she looks like her Abba, but UFF!!! I get asked all the time! Blurrghh.

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