of passports and visas

So, obviously being the independent young lady that Zoey is, a passport had to be made ASAP. Getting to the office early in the morning to make sure that shes awake, the little one descided to fall asleep as soon as her turn to get the picture taken came. No amount of cheek pinching and wriggling her made her stir. After 9 minutes of being given looks of disgust by the people in line after us, we had no choice but to get a sleepy zoeys picture taken for the passport, just to find out that the madame will be fully awake as soon as we left the passport office building.

One ordeal over, yesterday we took her to the studio to get the visa picture taken. Intrestingly, she behaved well. It took some effort because she still cant hold her head, we had to position her in a manner where she would atleast be stable for 5 seconds. After two successful clicks the photographer realised that one of her ears is not very clear in the picture and the american visa people being extremly finiky, he wanted to click again.

Again we positioned. All ready to hear the “click”, but before that could happen, zoey got hiccups!

And that was the end of the photo shoot…….the ambassy people would have to do with the picture thats already been taken. Afterall how can a ear really effect the visa decision!


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