Point to Ponder


On the road, two couples, one with an almost 3 month old daughter while the other couple dosent want to even think f a child for another 5 years atleast.


The mother in the car, tells the hubby that the next vacation should be in Italy. (though they dont have the money to go to even Lahore at the moment, but no harm in dreaming). The otheer couple, who have already been to Italy say that we should go to italy without the little one if the plan is to go in another years time. My hubby agrees. Saying that

a) zoey will be too young to remember anything.

b) We’ll have to pay her ticket and everything, without her having any memories from the trip.

c) Its healthy to have time off.

Now the thing is, that I wish I could beg to differ from the hubby, but I dont. What bothers me though, is that do I have it in me to leave Zoey and go? Our parents left us all the time, and infact we used to like that. We would shuffle between nanis house and our house and would love all the attention and pampering and the lovely gifts that would come back.

But I wonder, am I like my mother? Do I have it in me to have fun while I know Zoey is in good hands and well taken care off? Would I be able to have fun? Or would my mind keep on wandering back to Karachi.

There is no vacation in the pipeline yet, but in a hypothetical situation what would I do, I wonder!

5 thoughts on “Point to Ponder

  1. My mom never ever left us alone for many many years, not for a single night she was very over protective that way after she saw a neighbors kid die while the parents left him with his grandparents and went for hajj

    experiences shape a lot of our future actions, its good that you have positive memories of your while-the-parents-are-away times

  2. We left the kiddo with my mom and flew out to Vegas for the wknd when he was 4 months old. The hardest part was when the plane was taking off but I came back refreshed and ready to jump back into mommy-mode with new zealous and appreciation! Plus, it really felt like the first time I actually looked at my husband in 4 months, you know? 🙂 (…new parents and all!)

  3. we do it alot with the kids, but waited out till they were 8 mths and fully on solids. like sara said above, it brings u back super zealous into the mommy-mode. now we’ve made it a ritual to go alone twice a yr and once with the kiddies.. altho this yr we’ll be going thrice with the kids and once alone:( hehe. its just the first time, then u get used to it:P

    btw, for kids under 2, u only pay taxes, not the airfare. over 2 but under 16, u pay 75% plus taxes! thought i’d let u know!:P

  4. thats such a confusion state!
    Me and umar have planned it so many times but never acted on it so far:s
    i so want to have time off but then not over night stay..
    I dont know if Im going to miss her but she definitely will:(

  5. Take the little one with you. As far as Uzi’s points are concerned…pack her in a suitcase, that will save you guys the $$s for the ticket. When in Italy, get a her tattoo so she’ll grow up to remember the trip – problem solved!

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