mama reaches a milestone

It took me to bring a daughter into this world to reach a milestone. Being a mama did not come so easily to me, but it did come. Changing diapers, sleepless nights, staying in a warm room and sweatingg away, I could take it all. What I couldnt do was cut the lil ones nails. That was something the mama in law had to do. It wasnt that I couldnt cut her nails. I just cant cut nails. Not even my own. No ones. My mum used to cut my nails, till I discovered nail biting (yikes, I just admitted that openly). When I descided to be a lady about it, I grew my nails, which whenever they need to be trimmed are filed. I have never used a nail cutter…sadly. Till, yesterday.

When the kat mama in law is out of town and the kittens nails are so long that she is scratching herself, the kat mama has no choice but to cut the kittens nails. So, when the kitten dozzed off in the afternoon, a trembling handed mama first cut a nail, then another and then another and soon enough all the ten finger nails were trimmed…….wohoo……such proudness I didnt even feel when I got the lil one into the world.

I was so happy, I wated to celebrate, which I did by indulging into this divine pistichio ice cream….2 scoops! 🙂


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