First outing out

So, all this while Zoey has been mostly home bound because her body temperature had to be maintained and so had to be the room temperature. So, after 14th Of may, which was supposed to be her original birthday, we have started bringing things to normal. SO far, her only car rides were either to the hospital or to her nanis place and back.

Till yesterday, when Zoey went out for her first official outing to Nadis 2nd birthday party. Clearly the youngest member to attend his birthday, Zoey once after reaching there made sure that all the attention was directed towards her. Getting the attention and checking if everything was going as and how it was supposed to be, the little one dozzed off peacefully. Afterall her mission had been accomplished. We came back with a personalised goody bag which will be cherished for times to come! Heres to alot more birthday parties, goody bags and tonnes of funs times inshallah!

naddus budday


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