Whose baby are you?

When Zoey was still unseen by us, I often used to wonder whom would she look like. The question got answered when I came out of labour room all groogy to hear how she was an exact replica of her dad. I didnt mind, afterall goodlooks was one of the reasons why i married her dad. But with the passing of each day, Zoey changed faces and to date she still looks different everyday.

More than looks, I wondered out of the two of us, whose personality will dominate her more? (If at all our peronalities would dominate her)  Would she be a book lover like me? Or a mad movie buff like the daddio? A writer or an artist…maybe both? A human who can dance to the khabarnama…? or like her mommy who cant dance to save her life? A tea drinker? Or a coffee drinker? Or maybe having a personality of her own and adhering to milk…Would she be able to sleep while standing (her dad is completely capable of doing that) or would she be the fussiet sleeper (God forbid).  We keep on doing experiments our way to see out of the two of us who would be able to dominate her…not that we want too………..!


3 thoughts on “Whose baby are you?

  1. im convinced all babies look similar when they are sated and zoned out!! but yes the politics of WHO THE BABY RESEMBLES…it will keep people busy for some time…as long as you dont obsess too much about it

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