Mommys lesson no 1405

So, motherhood has finally started kicking in…high time too.

Yesterday, I was home alone, the first time since Zoey was born. After breakfast everyone left for whatever they had to do and I got up to pack to leave for amis house. Thanks to the weather which dosent help the mood at all, I had to shower again before leaving home. So, I plonked Zoey on the bed, switched on hubbys buddha bar music to keep her entertained and rushed to shower, just to hear zoey cry. Came out, picked up Zoey, soothed her and put her back on the bed, all the while driver was sulking in the sun outside. As soon as I again stepped in the shower, Zoey could be heard crying yet again. So, again I stepped out not knowing what to do. Till the bright idea stuck.

Zoey was plonked in her moses basket, taken to the bathroom and plonked on the rocking cradle there. All the quarter to 3 minutes that I took to shower, I was constantly talking to Zoey with the result that when I came out there was still soap on my neck.

But atleast I felt and smelled fresh. Pre Zoey I never thought I could shower in a time so less. Lesson learnt on the day Zoey was actually supposed to come in the world!


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