You a mother?

Post delivery, I have met quite a few people, who when they saw me exclaimed…..”you dont look like a mother at all!” Initially, I just took it quite casually. Smiled and moved on to create conversation, but lately this statement has started bothering me, not in a bad sense but something that makes me think. How do you look like a mother? Is it because that Zoey dosent go out with me that I dont look like a mother? Or maybe because I dont grumble enough about the sleepless nights and the odd diaper changing hours. It could be because my sense of humour is still alive (Allah ka shukar)….but whatever the reason being, the fact remains …..”you dont look like a mother at all!” makes me wonder if I should be happy when i hear this or should I be upset?

On a happier note, being a mother obviously has materialistic perks….after nagging the life out of my hubby, constantly reminding him that I should get a gift on zoeys behalf, the lovely flowers were delievered to me, while hubby dearest was busy working away on the mothers day sunday!



3 thoughts on “You a mother?

  1. Gorgeous flowers, your hubby did good! 🙂 I know what you mean about nagging the husband…I miss being wooed!
    Am so happy to hear you had a great first Mother’s Day…mine was a complete blur last year (having just delievered the kiddo 3 days earlier)!! 🙂

  2. oh wait till they say something “but you dont look like his/her mother” and even the artificial sigh and something like Isnt it just unfair that you kept the baby for nine months and it doesnt look ANYTHING like you. Alhamdolillah, Im happy the baby is well and happy , how narcisstic would I be to hope to create something ‘in my image’. And I also add that my husband was Qabool surat enough to marry so why throw a hissy fit about the baby resembling him.
    Khair, my rant aside…bahut bahut mubarak ho your first Mother’s Day…my husband was away the whole week for work but he did a mad arriving Sunday night elaving early Monday morn commute so we could spend the evening together…so though we stayed in but it was sheer bliss with baby, cat and us curled up watching TV and praise the Lord I was really really happy!!

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