of pregnant women and gender prediction

So, I am surrounded by ladies who are all ready to pop, are going to pop early next year and the rest are going to pop summer babies inshallah. Being surrounded by pregnant ladies obviously asks for some kind of prediction. Though, I have been classified by my hubby as being “full of shit” where gender prediction is concerned…I havent given up.

On steeping into the 30’s last week, Jam gave me The pregnancy instruction manual which has almost everything, starting from “tips for sleeping while pregnant” to  “the size analysis of the fetus in fruit analogies”…which means it tells you that at 8 weeks the fetus looks like a bunch of grapes, at 12 weeks its plum & 36 weeks its a water melon.

In the same book there is this one section that talks about predicting the baby’s sex. Obviously, there is no medical basis for any of the following, but it will help predicting whos going to be popping what!

~ Is the preggo carrying high or low? Its a girl if its high, a boy if its low.

~ Craving sour food means its a boy, and craving sweet things means its a girl.

~ If the babys heartbeat is more than 150 beats per minute, its a girl, if its below its a boy.

~ Bad skin means that you are having a baby girl. ( A girl will steal her mothers looks).

~ If your nose widens, its a boy.

~ If the belly looks like a beach ball, its a boy, if it looks like a water melon its a girl.

~ If the preggo has bad morning sickness, its a girl.

~ If the dad of the baby is gaining weight during your pregnancy, its a boy.

5 thoughts on “of pregnant women and gender prediction

  1. the dad of the baby has been STEADILY gaining weight for the ten years Ive known him…let me see where he has stashed his ‘soccer team’ progeny over the years, grrrrrr.

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