The numbers that never make sense

Borrowing this intresting concept (which was introduced a long time ago) from….

1  most loviliest guy as hubby
2  younger, mad sisters i have
3  family members we shall be in May inshallah
4  vacations with hubby already…..mashallah
5  family members in the house at the moment
6  days a week I work
7  books I can read over and over again
8  years ago I fell for you
9 places that i am dying to visit
10  years and I will hit the 40’s inshallah
11 th month I celebrate my birthday every year
12+1 is my birthdate
13 number: unlucky for some
14 is the expected due date!
15 songs i can sing along
16 th July 07 I  happily gave  up my single status
17  of us graduated from City Scahool back in 1995
18  th July, I went to Mc Donalds  all ready to attend my valima
19 = 15+4
20 th is our monthaversary…wohoo!
21 I graduated, totally lost
22  guys I have had a crush on
23 notes books are still lying there to be filled up!
24 a serial I was badly hooked onto
25  times i randomly fell in love with people and places
26  years ago i was  in a montessori in NY
27 th year was adventurous in its own way
28 times I usually check my mail a day

29 years later me and Uzi might participate in the amazing race!

30 reasons to smile right now!


2 thoughts on “The numbers that never make sense

  1. this is perfect!!!
    allah mian will give you 30 million other reasons to be happy and smiley:D
    22 guy you have had a crush on??????????????????

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